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Livin' Large and Keepin' it Real in 2001
Jerry the Moose is the official mascot for British Columbia Parks (for you Americans, he is Canada's version of the San Diego Chicken). Jerry spends his summers entertaining and teaching children about nature and ecology in BC Parks. Everyone loves Jerry because of his enthusiasm and knowledge, which makes Jerry one of British Columbia's most respected moose. Former girlfriend, Pamela Anderson, said Jerry helped her pursue her dream of becoming a respected actress. (A dream she is still trying to achieve) Here is a link to Jerry's Government Controlled Website

Unfortunately BC Parks felt it was necessary to keep Jerry quiet as they have banned him from speaking at all public appearances, and had a court injunction to stop the release of his latest rap CD.

But for us he has broken his silence:

"They turned me into government controlled, politically correct moose. Who do they think I am, Ricky Martin? They came into the forest and bribed me with free antler enhancement surgery and a wheelbarrow of money and berries. Any moose would have given in. I'm sorry, but I can no longer live this lie. I don't care if they fire me, I need to tell the truth"

Dancin' Jerry
A rare photo of Jerry not wearing a diaper, which he is now forced to wear at public appearances

This is Jerry's private site, so there will be no government censorship on this page. As Jerry says, "kids listen to me because they know I'm not giving them any moose crap." This will be a forum where Jerry will give his uncensored views on the news, other web sites and the latest movies.

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(L-R) Nicole Kidman, Jerry and Tom Cruise
Although the tabloids suggested that he was having an affair with Nicole, Jerry denies the claim and says that they are, "just friends"